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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Smile

A little about myself... I'm a 26 year old biology graduate student. I've had dart frogs in the past (a pair of auratus), but had to get out of the hobby due to moving around so much. Now that I've finally been able to stay in one place for awhile, I'm pretty excited to get some frogs and get back into it!

Take care,
- iDart / Corey
Welcome, there are a bunch of froggers in PA, NY, and OH. You should consider using your first name in your signature it will help give you crediblity...
Hello and Welcome to Dart Den !

Too bad you can't just slide over to the Cannuck side of the world and get frogs. There are a lot of Canadian Froggers closer to you than most U.S people I know. That said, you'll have no problem finding frogs to avoid shipping if that's what you want. Most Meetings and Gatherings tend to be near the Philly, NYC, Baltimore area, so if you don't mind the drive, you can meet 20-30 people and see/obtain lots of different dart frogs.

Your location posted in your profile is a little more important than your name, for now, but Craig's right. Using at least a first name in a sig is good.

Anhoo...welcome and enjoy yourself here. Please post often !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have amended my signature to include my first name! Wink
- iDart / Corey
Corey, as Phil said, local meetings may be tough for you due to location, but there are a fair number of reputable people who can ship frogs to you as well. One thing always worth mentioning to newcomers, is the search function, often times it will help you find informative posts and threads to help answer many of the questions you might have. Don't be afraid to post, all of us were new at one point...

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