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Breeding - how do I know, what do I need?
So just curious as to how I can tell of my frogs are breeding or even male and female? Also if they do breed what do I need in the tank for a successful breeding to take place?
What species ?

Pics of both the frogs and the enclosure posted here on this thread, would help greatly.

Most Dart frogs are @ 1 year old or more when they start to breed. I realize this is an over-generalization, but I want to give the OP somewhat of a knowledge benchmark.

You'll need high humidity (again, most likely) 80% or higher. Good and plentful food with a rotation of superfine powdered supplements - Calcium and Vitamins.

All other husbandry parameters like Temps, enclosure design ect....must be good.

Luck wouldn't hurt.

Sometimes Dart frogs breed readily for a brand new hobbyist....BUT.....more times than not, it's tricky and doesn't happen. It ain't that easy.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Some species will display sexual dimorphism, in which case males and females can be distinguished by certain physical attributes and/or body shape.
In general, breeding behaviour will look something like this...male calls, female follows him around patting/rubbing his back, male moves to a different spot and calls, repeat, repeat, repeat...
As far as what needs to be place inside the viv as an appropriate breeding site, again this is dependent on what type of frogs we are talking about here. repeat Phil, what type of frogs are you working with and picture always speak a 1000 words.
Hope these help. I'll take better pics when I get off work

[Image: 86446e0d.jpg]

[Image: 78f3223e.jpg]

[Image: 811fbe8a.jpg]
Nice tank ! and good looking azureus too.

Try to get some close up pics of their front toe pads and some shots of them resting / sitting still on something .Some side shots of their body.

The look a little small and may be on the young side - under a year old. Hard to tell though.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks! And ok I'll try and get some good shot later tonight. Thanks for the help
And yes they are azureus, I remember that name now that you mentioned it lol
frog #1[Image: 3ebc27fd.jpg]
frog #1[Image: a8006d8c.jpg]
frog #1[Image: b35d92a3.jpg]

frog #2[Image: f07680d4.jpg]
frog #2[Image: ca999854.jpg]
frog #2[Image: ed157d75.jpg]
frog #2[Image: 984e4d97.jpg]

this was the best i could get, hope it helps!
Good pics !

but....they both look very similar in body habitus and toe pads. So you have 2 of one sex, I think. I am drawing a blank on azureus males - big or small pads ????

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:I am drawing a blank on azureus males - big or small pads ????

Azureus males will have "big, almost heart-shaped" pads.
Well then it looks like I need to buy more frogs! Thanks for all the help everyone.
They look to young to sex to me. Are they around 7-8 months old?
I honestly have no idea how old they are. I've had the number 2frog for about 6 months and the number 1 frog for around 3-4 months
They're too young to accurately sex in my opinion, so I wouldn't get more frogs just yet. I'd give it at least another 6 months and then post some more pics. If they turn out to be the same sex then you can trade.
Sounds good, Thanks for the help.
Your welcome.


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