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1st viv - what do you guys think ?
After months of reading I jumped in with my first viv... what do you guys think ?
oh my....very nice. 1st viv and you got a bunch o' bells and whistles going already !

What brand ultrasonic do ya have going there ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I use the reptilefogger works great I have it on a timer every four hours for twos mintues
I use the monsoon twice a day
13 watt led and 65k flourasent
Only wish I had put in a bulkhead drain but not to big of a deal
Also made in tank circulation fan
Very nice! What you putting in there?
Do you know where your frogs have been?
I have two cobalts in there now not sure of sex they are only 7 months hoping a pair what is the best way to sex them?
Great first viv,well done,i won 't enter into sexing tincs,other than rumours abound about toe pads :lol: I'll leave the other guys to pick up that challenge,but for now enjoy and feed them well
best of luck
Very nice! I tore down my first five. lol That's a keeper you have there!
very nice! I love that large leaved plant you have upfront on the left....those are always a must have in every pumilio tank as they love to court on them and leave tons of surprises behind! watch out though...they grow fast!

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