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Most Dart Frog info in one place ?
I'm sure this will be considered a silly question, but would appreciate as many responses and opinions as you guys are willing to give. I really like dart frogs, always have. So many beautiful species with amazing calls. I'm reading as much as I can now, in hopes of setting up, and getting, my first. I know there is loads of great info online, but I love books. Answers at your fingertips, yada yada. So, here's the question: if you could choose one book, with the most info on each species, what would it be?
This is an excellent book. ... 3930612623
Not a silly question at all !

Books are $$$. The 2 beginner books are not too bad but the real nice 'advanced' book is @ $130.00 bucks ! There may still be reminants of the free download for this one - the 'loiters' book. Not sure if the links are sill viable though.

The best -most comprehensive and current info on dart frogs is to be found right here...on Dart Den. And it's FREE.

Here's the subforum on books where you'll find info on the 3 books I have referenced above...


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Just to "+1" what Phil said -- I'm still a newbie, but it's been pretty clear hanging about the forums that the "state of the art" in keeping darts -- particularly regarding things like supplementation and substrates -- has been changing very rapidly. There's nothing wrong with reading a book to get a good starting point, but I'd urge you to check online afterword (and before you build your vivarium and get your frogs), just to be sure you understand how "best practices" have changed in the time since the book was published.
Nothing beats first hand knowledge from others who have been doing this for years! Although it's always nice having the books.
Adam Hess
I'm spending as much time on here as I can.I'm using this site as all basis of info for care and when setting up. I would like the book as a hard copy to study and learn about all the different species. Loads quicker for quick reference to the species. Thank you guys all for the input. So far, I love this forum. Everyone here seems very educated and completely willing to offer advice. Its great! Unlike other forums I've been part of on different topics. Done Pepe just want to prove they know it all without sharing anything. You guys are awesome! Thanks!
You're quite welcome JL and thanks for the kind words !

And you are right about books...there is no substitute for a nice, well-made book in your hands...with tons of quality glossy pics too ! That's the extra $$$ in that $125.00 German book. The effort that went into displaying the awesome photography.

I have at least $3,000.00 into my 'working' Herp library...and no end in sight.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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