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Plant Quarantine ?

I went out into the swamps and found a few cool plants which are doing well in viv conditions (not with frogs). the collection site is far enough from the city that I'm not worried about pesticides or other chemicals. but there are many frogs and animals there so I'm worried about parasites. can anyone tell me if there is an amount of time to 'quarantine' the plants, after which all parasites/pathogens would have hatched out and, not having found a host, died off ?

I dont have any answeres for you Mack :roll: only questions Smile
What types of plants did you find?
Did you clip them or uproot them?
were they in the shade or sun?
can you post pics please?

Theres a lake close buy with streams leading to it and I think its a clean enough environment out there to go looking for plants. Just dont know what would work.
I also would like to know the answer to your parasite/quarantine question.

Thanks 8) Frank

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

i actually found out that the answer is 'no' because some parasites have a free living stage. the answer is to soak the plants in a soluiton of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. i have done this now with some hard leaved plants, and they don't seem to mind it, but i understand that not all plants can take the treatment.

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