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Tinc who Swims?
I have a viv with a small waterfall and shallow pond. My citronella spends a good deal of time in the water, 'swimming', floating, climbing the glass and plopping into the pond. Is this a sign of a problem? I've heard that tincs don't swim. Humidity gauge shows 80%, so I don't think it's that...
Standing water of any sort is not a habitat of Dart frogs. A male Tinc may 'use' some excess water to urinate on eggs inorder to keep them moist and free from bacteria but I think it's unclear that the frog 'loads up' like a super soaker in this manner. Dart frogs get all the water /moisture they need from general humidity, I believe.

In any event, prolonged exposure to the water feature, especially 'swimming' and soaking would be bad IMO and indicate a possible health or husbandry concern.

Can you post pics of your frog and tank ? That would help.

Also....don't ever go by / relay on a cheap store bought humidity gauge - they are crap and give inaccurate readings.

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I tried to add a picture below. It's when the tank was newer - now there is much more condensation. Any recommendations on a humidity gauge?
whats the lid like ? Do you have a full / 100% covered lid ? Glass ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Glass lid, 100% covered.
ok. The wood and glass do look a little on the dry side, but pics are hard to judge. Do you mist at least every other day ?

The other possibility is that the tank is new and not 'grown-in" with a lot of plantings and hides. Maybe the frog has a lack of places it feels secure.

Then again, it may just be a 'nutty' frog. Seriously. Frogs are like us / people. There are smarter ones and ....less smart ones. Some frogs are hyper active.

Overall , if it feeds well and you are providing fresh superfine calcs and vits. You should be fine. No need to worry about the soaking - it will most likely subside.

Large clean dried magnolia leaves in 2 layers in some of the corners or a few different areas (not everywhere) would probably help the frog feel more secure as well.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
There's a little 'cave' under the wood that he loves to hang out in. He is very active, eats well, and otherwise seems fine. The wood is def dry in this picture, but now it's most and humid. I mist frequently. I would say it's a decent setup, but I just don't get the swimming. Maybe he is nutty. He's a bit of a mutant - stopped growing as a froglet, and is 1" at over a year. So it could also be a health issue. I just don't know!

PS - I saw your post on the humidity gauge from Walmart. Stupid question, but how do you get the reading if you don't leave it in the tank?
Some people report leaving those 'boxy' gauges inside their tanks for weeks and weeks and no battery drain. I tried it a couple times and it seemed like the high humidity drained the battery but maybe I had some fluckey experiences.

I have left them in for many hours to a day or so. Go buy one and experiment with it. For the money, its FAR better than those exo gauges.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks for all your help on this!
Quite welcome!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
my female powder blue will sometimes sit in the water. I think she likes the bugs that congregate there
I have a pool in the front of my Cobalt viv and the male loves it. He will spend probably 70% of his time hanging out there looking out the front of the tank watching the world go by.
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