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Feeding D. Azureus - how much ?

I just recently added sub-adult D.Tinctorius, azureus morphs, to my vivarium. I was wondering how much should I feed them and how offend. I'm currently feeding them Drosophilia melanogaster, fruit flies which are dust with vitamins.

My major concern is under-feeding them, I took notice that after most of the flies are gone, the azureus are still looking around for food, is this normal? Or should I feed them more ?

I feed my frogs a lot. I have one azures and one auratus. I probably put hm............. I can't count, but a lot of fruit flies in. They seem to have a pretty fast metabolism so if he's still eating keep feeding. That's my opinion. Big Grin

That leads to my next question, is it possible to overfeed them ?

I haven't been able to do it yet. My only concern would be poluting my tank with any uneaten flies that die.

you can have overly fat frogs, just like dogs or cats, etc. but they won't eat until they die or anything. this is more of an issue if you feed lots of maggots or other fatty larvae. if you use a base diet of fruitflies and just vary the diet with other insects, it is not too much of a concern.

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