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Everything must go

Times are a changing and sacrifices must be made, and unfortunately those sacrifices include giving up herps for the time being Sad. If you don't like the prices, please make an offer. I am also willing to work out some package deals. I am willing to ship but some items are for local pick-up only.

1.1 Azureus, fine spot form, proven breeders. $300

0.0.17 Azureus, from fine spot parents. Aged between 4-6 weeks. $50 apiece, $90 for 2, $125 for 3, $150 for 4.

0.0.28 Azureus tapoles from fine spot parents. $20 apiece.

0.0.1 Diamondback Terrapin. Texas form. 1 year old. $100

0.0.1 Peninsular Cooter. 1.5 years old. $30

75 gallon aquarium setup for turtles, including canister filter, mercury vapor bulb, heater, and stand: $300 OR $400 with both turtles (local pickup only)

44 gallon corner aquarium setup for darts with stand, 501 turtle filter, and big apple misting system: $150 (local pickup only)

2 FCA 16" acrylic cubes with compact fluorescent light fixtures, Mist
King deluxe misting heads fitted to big apple misting system, fully planted and have never housed frogs: $300(local pickup only)

10 2.5 gallon aquariums planted for froglets: $10 apiece (local pickup only).

Shipping is $35 per box.
Payment is accepted by cash/money order or Paypal.
Live arrival guaranteed.

wow, man, im sorry to hear it.

so out of curiosity where is local pickup?

Sorry, I'm in Denver, CO.

Azureus pair and all tadpoles have been sold.

FCA tanks are sold pending funds.


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