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New Viv opinions

Hey all! Ok, here's the deal. I only have room for one tank. So obviously I want it to be a nice one; top-notch. I already have an old 90 gallon, and I was thinking about doing it vertical. That would make it approx. 18"x24"x48". Like I said I want it to be nice, so it will be heavily planted, and perhaps a water feature. Not too sure about the water feature yet, though there will be drip lines for sure. Thats the basic setup. Next.

As far as the darts go, since I will only be having 1 tank, I'd like some nice darts. And yes, I would like to breed them. I am quite partial to the more aboreal thumbs, especially since the tank is 4ft tall. I understand I could have a pair of whatever in there; but do I have any options for maybe 2 pairs of any species of thumbs? I just read that interesting post about imitators and how they were interacting; not too keen on the female egg eating. It just seems like a waste to have one pair of small frogs in a vert. 90. I read a short article ( ... tfrogs.htm ) about setting up an endemic tank(only species of plants and animals from a certain area) and I kind of like the idea. Perhaps then I could use a pair of more terrestrial darts, and a pair of arboreal ones. That way they stay out of each others way, and the vivarium isn't exactly small. Just a thought. Some species I'm partial too are: Retics, Amazonicus, and Pumilio.

Ok, with that out of the way, use your imaginations.. say you can only have one tank, and it's a 90 vert. What would you do? Any specific "view" (I'm at a lose for words) that you would go for? Tree buttress? River bank? Mountain slope? Let the ideas and opinions flow!
Take care. I will be starting the preconstruction soon, and will post pictures.
Tanks to All! Big Grin

hey man, i don''t want to soap box it here, but you should cruise through posts here and dendrobaord which come up when you do a search for 'mixed tank' or 'hybrid'. you'll get lots of opinions, almost unanimously against mixing species....especially as a beginner. clearly you are doing your homework and not just jumping into something, but there are a lot of reasons that folks who know what they are doing warn against mixing. i think it's natural to want lots of color/lots of frogs together in one tank, but.....

with that said if i were in your position i would get some tank dividers and shoot for all 3 species. i've seen some beautiful things done with logs split in two and placed on each side of the divider to make it look like the frogs are all hanging out in one enclosure. imitators are next on my wish list, specifically because they are bold and can live in small groups. i think that a bit of egg eating is the least of your worries when it comes to mixing. i love the retics, too, but don't have the cajones to try them yet...they seem so delicate, and being rare (not to mention $150 a pop) i don't want to learn from my mistakes at their expense. i just got two groups of red amazonicus (same bloodline unfortunately) and am surprised that they are bolder than my arautus. they don't rush out to greet me like the tincs, but aren't as skittish as i expected. anyway, this reply isn't exactly what you asked for , but it's my 2 cents. and if you haven't already found it, definitely check out (dutch site in english) for some inspiration for tank design...those dutch folks got it goin' on.

Hey Mack thanks alot for the reply. I have read almost every post on this board going back several pages in each section. Maybe I was too excited to be completely clear. I didn't mean I wanted to have 10 frogs of 4 different species in the same tank. I just was seeking some new opinions. By mixing, and I'm not set on doing it, I just thought perhaps since it can be hard to keep a group of the same frogs in a tank, perhaps some thing like 2 auratus and 2pumilio (Costa Rica), or 2 Tincs and 2 Vents (Guyana). That have different micro habitats and share the same area naturally. I mean whats the point of the 10 gallons per frog rule if you can't do more than 2, right :wink: Kinda want to do something different and a little adventurous, but not stupid... Thats why I'm seeking advice. I think the members of this forum have great ideas and I love to hear some fresh ones. Take care all!

Good to know that your Amys aren't shy. As far as boldness goes, whats everyone's experience with Lamasi?

you could put a pair of aboreal frogs, and a pair fo terrestrial frogs in the same tank, especially a 90 vert, no problem. i have several tanks setup that way, and both pairs breed activly. luck


Or you could do a viv full of Vents. I have a 15 gal with 5 vents in it. Its quite fun to watch. other thumbs would probably work just as well, but vents is the only one i have had in groups. I have always wanted to do a pum and aurautus viv, but never have. I htink it could work and has been done.

As far as the viv goes i would not make it vert unless you get some sort of really nice acrylic front, like FCA style. I personally just dont like vert tanks that much. To much hassle, i like standard horizontals, easy to light and enclose, keep water proof, fly proof. As far as viv set up i would go with some sort of great stuff backround, drip walls, waterfalls, but be careful these can lead to problems if not done right. Broms, peperomias all over the place, these are quite easily rooted to cork and great stuff or ghost wood and great stuff.

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