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New to the addiction
Hello all, my name is Aly and I am new to the addiction to PDFs. Although I am new to this hobby, I know about addictions because I've been an addict to reef tanks & saltwater fish since I was around 20. Aside from being an addict, I am also a 4th grade Math & Science teacher at an extremely underpriviledged school. Up until I introduced my students to PDFs last week, most of them did not know different color morphs existed! They thought all frogs were brown or green, lol. And now that they've been exposed, they are all eager to learn all about them!

Unfortunately, our journey into PDFs got off on the wrong foot. I purchased a ready-made vivarium with 2 frogs right before school started only to have the frogs perish within a couple of days. The kids were crushed! They felt it was their fault, although it was evident it wasn't. Seems the frogs were emaciated before I purchased them. But for now the vivarium sits in a corner of the class, lights turned off, waiting to be sanitized by me, hopefully this weekend). I will then seed it during the week next week and wait it out. The kids are anxious to get frogs in there, but I explained we must wait. In the meantime, we will be doing fundraisers in order to raise money to buy our next frogs. Smile
Where are you located? If you are close to PA, I would be willing to donate some tadpoles or a clutch of eggs for education. Put your location in your profile and I'm pretty sure someone close to you will step up and offer you something.
Hi Aly and welcome to Dart Den !

Like Rick just said....there should be quite a few people here that will offer to travel to your school and help you get started. This hobby is so helpful like that. Let me try and see if I can PM the 2-3 people that are on here, that live in SoFl and we will see if we can't get you a bunch of help soon.

In the meantime, please pursue the forum here - there's a ton of good threads for the new hobbyist on feeding, housing ect, and above all, if you don't see what you're looking for or you have a question - please post a thread and ask. Chance's are we will sort you out within hours.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Eiffel70 Wrote:But for now the vivarium sits in a corner of the class, lights turned off, waiting to be sanitized by me, hopefully this weekend).

On the off-chance you were not planning on doing so...I would suggest tearing down this entire tank to the glass, tossing all the plants/substrate and starting from scratch. Reason being, if the original frogs came with a bunch of parasites you don't want to risk any "nasties" that may have been left behind getting the best of your student's new frogs. A pain I know...but I can almost guarantee you will enjoy building a new viv!

I think it's too cool that you have decided to introduce your students to these amazing animals, by actually bringing them into the classroom! I will be down in the Miami area in a couple of weeks. If you and your students are in need of any viv-building supplies, I will be more than happy to donate some cork bark, driftwood, leaf litter, and can put together some fresh substrate as well. In fact, I enjoy designing tanks so much...say the word and I'll gladly put together a 10g terrarium for you as I happen to have a couple empty ones in the garage.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the kind offers to help! My class would absolutely love a visit from someone who would not only set up a viv, but could teach them a few interesting facts about the future inhabitants. Keep in mind, however, I am in a deep south part of town (Homestead) so the drive would be far. As far as sanitizing this viv, yes, I had planned on stripping down and starting new. That is why the students are so anxious to begin; they see a beautiful setup and figure frogs can just go in as it is. I explained the need to clean and set up a new environment for the new frogs so they don't get sick, but sometimes explanations such as these go in deaf ears, lol. Nevertheless, I've brought it home to tear down this long weekend (what a task! Can you say HEAVY??) and plan to start building up again next week sometime. Thanks again for all the wonderful offers!!!
will you post pictures of the new set up once finished so that we can all admire and maybe if youre open to it, make helpful suggestions, depending on what type of frogs you'll be adding? : )
I sure will!

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