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Hello from New Mexico

I am just getting started with PDF 's and have joined several forums as partof my research. I am 43, single, and I am absolutely obsessed with all things nature. I went from working as an Veterinary Tech. To being the Live Nursery Specialist at our local Lowes. As much as I love plants, animals were always my first passion and I had started to earn a degree in ornithology before life interrupted my plans. I left the veterinary profession because the things I saw on a nearly daily basis was killing me....and I was going broke rescuing all those poor animals. Currently I am down to 1 horse, 5 dog's, 4. cat's, 3 aquariums -oe set up as a paludarium, one as a terrarium (but only with fish and terrestrial plants), ducks and chickens. I used to have parakeets and cockatiels but space was an issue.
I actually have a couple questions. I live in a VERY rural area, lots of desert but just an hour from some the highest mountian peaks in Colorado. The closest pet store near me that I can purchase from is 3 hours south In Albuquerque. I have been informed by the only local pet store that New Mexico has strict reptile and herp laws and I may not be able to even order them via the Internet. I am hoping there are some hobbyists nearby whom I can communicate with. I have not been able to talk to any "REAL " people with my questions down here. The pet store I am considering purchasing from is called Clark's Pet Emporium. Does any one have any knowledge of this store? I am about 45 minutes from Durango, Colorado and the owner of a great pet store there says he is sure there are hobbyists I would love to be able to meet with someone and learn a bit about what I need to look for when purchasing. I would definately prefernto buy from a good local source.

Hi Roseann and Welcome to Dart Den ! are a Vet tech and work with plants at lowes. Excellent resources for dart frogs there. Be careful of pesticides and fertilizers from 'Lowes plants", though - both are dangerous in an enclosed Dart Frog vivarium.

You are only the second dart frog hobbyist from New Mexico that I've ever heard of. The other one is on here somewhere but I forget their Screen Name.

Your best bet is to network into the Arizona or Texas froggers. There are lots of them both, and they both tend to hold 1-2 meetings / gatherings a year. You can stock up on all items, supplies, feeders and frogs at just such a meet.

The nice thing about culturing the feeder staple for dart frogs - Fruit flies, is that once you get into it, and get the hang of it, not only is cheap but it's literally self sustaining. You'll never have to touch another cricket (not that most of us even feed crickets to darts as it's not a very good feeder insect for a few reasons) or visit another pet store.

Take you time and look around here, read all the sticky-ed beginner threads ect and don't hesitate to ask questions and post threads. Have fun and welcome to the hobby!


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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