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OK.... So I don't know if I should freak out or not....honestly I freaked took frogs out and put them in a temporary tank. I just drained all water out of the viv! I have 4 Tarapotos coming in on Thursday, should i worry about this? They are not going into that viv they have two quarantine tanks set up for them. I live in SC so mosquitoes are around pretty much all year round. I would appreciate any advice anybody can give me.

Phil i'm sorry if this was put into the wrong area!!
No worries Shane....if anything, I'll move the threads here on DD...NEVER a worry - I don't ever mind !

Are you SURE they are honest to goodness Mosquitoes and not fungus gnats or smaller flies ? I have seen South Florida mosquitoes sucking on Veiled Chameleons in the wild, but hey....they lose a bit of reptile blood - no biggie.

I've never heard of actual large mosquitoes actually thriving and reproducing in a small (relatively) indoor vivarium.

Did you ever see the wiggly mosq larvae in your standing water in the viv ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Haha that's good Phil Smile..... But yeah it was mosquitoes. I didn't notice any larvae until I tore the plants out of the water feature and the dillweed not sure if that's what it's called it's really small Lilly pads that cover the top.... But once I took the plants out and syphoned the water I found more larvae. And it blew my mind because it's a ten gallon horizontal set up!!!
I still wouldn't worry too much. I Would, however, make sure the top has no openings in the tank, that they can get in or out. I would think the population would peter out soon enough and you can speed it up by squishing any that you see.

Interesting, none the less.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I actually have no ventilation for this Viv. I'll give it a few days and put the leucs back in. Thanks!!!
i know some people might say what is he saying....
if you had tads in the water they would be good tad food.
ok lets hear you're daft walt.
could a tad catch a wiggler ? Those larvae are not stationary like a tad bite or Almond leaf.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
No tads I have no idea sex of them yet, their about 5 months OOW. But I could see them being good tad food in a way.
i was at iad and the one speaker mentioned that mosquitos would be ok food for the tads. think of it, if there is enough water in the tad container the "wigglers" come to the top and "breath". so they are stationary. think of it as a fish getting a meal that is sitting on top of the water.
don't other tads get eaten. they move in the water when disturbed.
I had some wrigglers come in with some broms. Thought for sure that they were mosquito larvae. Curiosity got the best of me so i dumped them in a deli cup, put the lid on and let it sit. They turned out to be some kind of gnat.
I forget the scientist who told me this, but in studies there were found mosquito larva and other bug-stuffs in pumilio tads during necropsy.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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They Could probably be good food for them. But I was worried about disease especially since we have west nile here in sc. I have a two year old running around in the room a lot so it freake me out. I appreciate all the replies from all of you. Smile
The 'dillweed' is called duckweed. Crazy hardy little plant.
Probably the mosquitos all came from one that got in at some point and laid eggs.

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