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New member introduction

Howdy everyone. My name is Dustin and I am located in Ft. Myers, FL. I like the feel of this board and decided to join in hopes of meeting new froggers to share experiences with. I currently keep a bunch of different morphs of auratus, a few tincs, terribilis, bicolor, vittatus and leucs. Sooner or later I will be looking for some thumbs to add to the collection.


Dustin Y.

Hi Dustin and welcome to DD !

I used to have friends in Alva. There's a couple fellow hobbyists and a nice pet store than carries darts in Naples. And then of course you got St. Pete and Sarasota as the brom capital of the world. heh

Have fun here and post often,Dustin.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Hey Dustin welcome to DD. It looks like you've got a nice collection of frogs, you don't need thumbs do ya? nah...
Welcome aboard!!!


Very cool Phil. I lived in Alva for a number of years through high school. Joa (down in Naples) is a nice guy and pretty knowledgeable when it come to frogs. And very true we have a number of really good tropical plant nurseries within a short driving distance.

Dustin Y.

Well, I don't know if I need any thumbs, but I do indeed want some. :-)
I have my eye on a few different species and morphs.

Dustin Y.

Welcome to DD Dustin! You will feel very happy here. Many great people and a lot of great info!

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