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Hi all!
I'm new to this forum and also new with this hobby. I don't even have any frogs yet Smile
I live in Finland and I'm 27 years old, engaged and getting married as soon as I fit in my dress Big Grin I have three dogs, two American Akitas and one Great Dane.

If you like to ask me something, send me PM or just enter to the chat. I'm hanging there a lot and it's not funny to talk by myself Smile

4.2 D. Auratus (green and black)
Hi Maria,

Is it a Finnish thing - really big on the chat feature ? Your English is excellent btw. Welcome to DD and please, keep reporting on the European side of the hobby. We are very interested.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yes, I think we are. We sit alone at home and chat with each other Big Grin
4.2 D. Auratus (green and black)
Hello Maria

Great to have you at Dart Den and congrats on getting married! So tell us, how easy or difficult is it to acquire dart frogs in Finland? Any ideas on which frogs you want to keep??

Scott - North Dallas
^Thanks for the congrats!

I think it's quite difficult, frogs aren't common here. I'll maybe have travel to Sweden to buy frogs but we'll see Smile I think D. Auratus would be great, but I'm still looking for information of different species.
4.2 D. Auratus (green and black)

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