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too bright?

I have 4 10 gallon grow out tanks and am working on lighting them.

I have 2 of these (copy paste specs below) led aquarium lights I would like to use, 1 light fits pretty well over 2 tanks.
I have them planted and they are on 2nd shelf of rack. Anyway I turned these on and it looks like the frogs are standing on the sun. They seem crazy bright to me and I can't look at the leds , very bright.

Will they hurt the frogs? Burn skin, hurt eyes? Or am I just not use to using the LEDs?

I know they are for fish tanks and am currently not using them but would like to.

If I cook them the frog legs will just be to small.

Finnex Unibody Ultra Slim High Output LED
Intensive PAR LED to promote corals & plants
15 Watts: 144 HO LEDs
Dimensions: 18" Long x 3" Wide x 1" High
Daylight: 7000k + 10000k LED Strips

LEDs tend to be painful to look at since the light is in bright point sources.

If you're concerned that it might be too bright, you might try to elevate them some, or (an old reef tank trick) put several layers of window screen between the lights and the the top of the viv (you could just lay them out on top of the viv), and possibly remove them one at a time as you (and your plants and frogs) get used to the brighter light.

As long as there's plenty of cover, if the frogs don't like the light, they'll get out of it (they'll probably hide awhile regardless when you first change the light, so give them time). Your plant growth will probably be a better guide as to how the lighting is working for you. Also, watch temps carefully for awhile when you first set the lights up -- some of these fixtures still do put out a fair amount of heat and/or depend on good airflow to stay cool, and heat is the enemy of both frogs and LEDs...

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