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newish froglets

I have 5 yellowback frog lets about 2 months oow that were housed in a little 2.5 gallon tank with some hides and leaf litter.

In the small tanks I had 3 in one tank and 2 in another and they were bold and out all the time.

I have other groups of frogs in little tanks also and they seem good. The tanks seem really small but they seem happy.

After I had them a couple weeks I moved them to a fully planted 12x12x18 thinking they would be happier.

They have been in their new tank for 3 days and never come out and seem real sketchy.

Should I move them back to the little tanks until they grow up a little or will they settle in? Was worried that moving them back would stress them out again.

I would keep them in the 12x12 I have 4 tarapotos in a planted one myself as of right now for a grow out tank. They were stressed a bit at first but surprisingly are out all the time now once they got used to the new Viv. For right now I would keep them with it until they get a little older. If I was you I would get Atleast a 40 gallon for all them to live in once adults, heavily planted. Hope this helps out if I was on the computer instead of my phone die to being at work I would put a few links in here for you to read.

a few days is too short to judge anything.

It may take several weeks or more for any size frog to acclimate. It's far from exact - the amount of time it takes to be able to see them a lot.

Use lots of leaf litter - layers of magnolia leaves and feed well.

I try not to use anything smaller than a '10 gallon fish tank' size for any type of enclosure, be it q-tine, temp, or grow-out.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I agree with you Phil. I thought about using a 5 gallon to let my tarapoto grow out in but realized for the number of them I had bought this would be drastically to small so they are set up in a 12x12 exo. But all my floglets(2leucs,4 tarapotos) ate constantly out an about.

They seem to be a little happier today but I was gone all day, so they had it quiet.......

The reasonable sized frogs are all in 10+ gallon tanks, the babies will be soon. Many of them have not hit the 1/2" mark yet. The vittatus are still tiny, while the azureus and leucs you can practically watch grow especially the azureus. They will all be moving in to larger setups eventually. Have some 40's I'm working on and a planted 125 and 150 ready to go, so they won't be frog per gallon...... Went a little nutty on the large tanks long before the frogs.

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