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Histrionicus will also raise in condiment cups
[Image: DSC02506.jpg]
For all those people who think tads should have 'ultra-clean / RO/ DI /DO / RI or whatever water.....just peep that clean/clear water above !

Proper.and healthy.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah total fruitfly mud in the bottoms of the cups
Nicely done.

I never understood the clean water thing. Throw in tons of organic matter. They are called bottom feeders for a reason.
Adam Hess
Hmm how do you keep the ff out of those cups Chris? sorry I couldn't help it :lol:
Chris,is this the first,what are the numbers deposited elsewhere? What are the dimensions of the cup.
Finally as a first for me anyway well done and good luck sir!!

Thanks man, yeah these are the first histos to do it but are the first histos I tried it with, those are 1 oz cups, there was one large brom in there which they raised in in the past, but the brom died eventually which I got tired of so put the cups in there instead of another brom, they started depositing in them without missing a beat, but egg feeders will always choose the broms first no matter what IME, only switching to the cups if there's no choice.
Yeah all of mine were raised in film cans - no broms.

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