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mucho pumilio 4 sale
I have many cb and 2012 import pumilio for sale. all pictures are what you get. the 2012 frogs will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks. I have a few oddends for the 2012s if you wish to do trios/groups at lesser cost. If you are interested in anything that I have posted please >>>>>pm me or email me"><<<<< Also i wish to keep my ad clean and free of hateful remarks and hijackings. if you have an issue w me or about anything...>>>>>> 512-738-3411<<<<<<

also a heads up>>> I have many unintroduced to hobby and not lately imported, amazing locales in qt and treatment I am preparing to release in early fall which will not dissapoint those of you who like pumilio! :mrgreen:

o. pumilio "cemetary bastimientos"
1.1(proven-froglets have sold on dd)
usps=$30 fedex=$?

o. pumilio "almirante"
sndf 08
f1 0.0.3
$55ea / $150 for the three
shipping of choice

o. pumilio"cauchero"
cb f1 0.0.2 (light blue/speckled/red)
$90ea or $140 both

o. pumilio "almirante"
strictly 2012
(price is for all 6 pairs in pics)

o. pumilio " el dorado"
strictly 2012
(price same for 4 pairs)

o. pumilio " las tablas"
strictly 2012
(price same for all pairs)

o. pumilio " rio teribe"
strictly 2012
(price same on all pairs)
las tablas and el dorado teribes to follow
these are the newly introduced "rio teribe" you either like them or you dont. medium size red frog. boldest of all red pumilio >>>imo<<<
will snap and post cauchero froglet pics later tonight.
Those look great! I'm interested. Are you currently treating them? Save me some please
miko12 Wrote:Those look great! I'm interested. Are you currently treating them? Save me some please
good choices mike! yes the teribe are being treated for hooks as my friends batch tested + for hooks. this week is third on panacur. everything else is a go.
pair of teribe,almirante and tablas now sold....plenty available.
Just an FYI some of those Almirante look like they have back leg "issues."
BcsTx Wrote:Just an FYI some of those Almirante look like they have back leg "issues."
really beth???? which ones have back leg issues? please do show me.. just an fyi...the ones pictured are all imports and 100% healthy all around. but please do quote the picture where you see these issues so that I may address this
have a wonderful weekend
I see nothing in any pics that I would go out on a limb (back limb even) and speculate on, at this point. Sidney knows if he sells an unhealthy frog and there are problems, then it's going to hit the Feedback here pronto.

THIS (my) post does NOT open up the floodgates for more back and forth discussion.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
for personal reasons something came up today,so I will let these frogs go at discounted prices. I will post whats left as they sell

almirante pairs= $ 130
dorado pairs=$120
tablas pairs=$130
teribe pairs=$190

everything was qtd and treated and sexed to that of sndfs way of doing so. teribe batches did have hooks and have completed the 3 weeks of panacur. anyone who retests and shows up with soemthing, I will help pay for some of meds upon proof of results.

thanks to all and god bless
to everyone who buys some of these frogs:

I give you my word and promise that you will be happy with these animals and nothing is wrong with them if it makes you wonder since I dropped the prices.

after I find the words and the way to say it...I will start a thread or add to my awesome feedback on why I am doing this... I dont need any " I TOLD YOU SOOO'S" AFTERWARDS :mrgreen:
I am interested in the Almirante pair! Pm sent
Pm sent in regards to the Almirantes.. I asked for your number so I can call and arrange for them, you asked for mine. ???
Everything sold.

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