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Various pumilio for Trade

I have a few extra pumilio I'm willing to trade to expand my collection a little. Here's what I've got:

(2) '08 Almirante F1s- These are over a year old. They look male, but I've never heard calling from them. I've put them in with a confirmed male, and I've seen some wrestling but nothing severe.

(1) '10 Cristobal F1- This one is getting close to a year old and is fat. By looking at body shape, I'd say probable female, but I can't say for sure. It's more of a copper/ bronze color instead of the red that's commonly seen in Cristos.

Looking for thumbs, auratus adults/pairs, Hyloxalus, any Adelphobates, anthonyi/tricolor, truncatus, etc. I'm pretty open to whatever, just not interested in tincs.


any pics of the Cristo

Here's one I just took

[Image: 8051981354_d6b4c92890_z.jpg]


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