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'Salt Creek' (O. pumilio) F1s available

F1 offspring of WC 2012 Strictly import parents.
Right now, have 3-4 available, some almost half grown.

Please note that I will only sell to established, reputable members of Dartden or Dendroboard at this time. If you have negative feedback, or are an unknown quantity, I reserve the right to decline your offer.

$150 each plus shipping. If you take all 4, I'll cover shipping.

All the standard parameters apply, live arrival if shipped USPS hold or Fedex hold for pickup.

Will take some photos tonight or later this week. Froglets range from bright red with black speckling to bright orange.

Photos of 1.2 adult group:
[Image: 5deaa2cf.jpg]

[Image: f71f5158.jpg]

Thanks for the added "Hobby Responsibility", Ray . I appreciate the level of commitment !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

All spoken for locally!

I just have to ask...

These were off spring from this years import?
As in 2012?
and you have 3-4 month old offspring all ready?

That is extremely impressive.


oow in less than 60 days from being introduced to their enclosure. third round has just climbed oow, hence the need to offload a few.

That is so nice to see. That is so awsome.

Some froglet photos

[Image: 47172d1994deee51534273c267c3d56b.jpg]

[Image: dbb9f99763460a247391b3f815b3af4c.jpg]

Rep from First group oow next to most recent oow
[Image: dae48fa0ca7975f39edd512bfcc06b9b.jpg]

[Image: 5a33d71e7bda91e37174de2d10dce013.jpg]

[Image: b4c1219909e4b1ab0d034ffaf0b1af03.jpg]

[Image: 7331043a205b9392e6bffb46094579a1.jpg]

WC adult and 2.5 month oow offspring
[Image: 9b9113c1262c533f89a703ff4e1d3735.jpg]

[Image: ee731e728a8d77ef3025f71f42e10699.jpg]

[Image: 7cc2393aaa66610fecf4b956a6b042a9.jpg]

[Image: e7cf903218bfe2397f45bed11f4aba29.jpg]

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