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100 gallon tank -help with decisons

Alright so here is my "dilemma" I am going to be getting a 100 gallon long tank soon and can't decide what type of live plant terrarium I want. I know obviously I want it live plants but I don't know if I want to do a multi species or a poison dart frog colony. I was told I could house a maximum of 20 adult frogs...Is that true? Then do they stay on the ground more and if so what are some other things I could add to it so it still is a dart frog colony but it incorporates the multispecies aspect that I am looking for...?
My other thing is, in a multispecies terrarium, what can you have living together? I want it to be a forest type setting. I was thinking, some pygmy chameleons, some type of gecko (not sure what), maybe a few anoles and a few crabs...Other than that I am totally unsure...What do you guys house in yours?
Finally my last question is what type of plants can I put in it or should I put in it? I have her bromeliads and pothos but if you have the actual specific (not scientific please) name of what you use, that would be fantastic!

Thank you all so much and I look forward to your many responses.

Trinity C.



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