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Best frogs to get?

In a 100 gallon long tank, what is the best amount of dart frogs to add? I heard maximum of 20. Also, what are the best species of frogs that will do fine living together with other species?


for smaller tanks, I would recommend I adult frog per 10 gallons for sake of simplicity. For a larger tank, some additional frogs can be housed.

I would recommend starting smaller and with a single species - not a mixed species enclosure.

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To echo what Phil said, starting with a lower bioload of a single species/morph is the best way to succeed. If you add too many frogs at once you risk overloading the "cleanup crew" of the tank which could cause frog deaths. Mixing species can lead to a slew of problems (outcrossing, hybridizing, proliferation of bacteria/viruses/parasitic organisms). Sure there are some possible combinations of animals for a tank that size that may work out "ok" but chances are good that you will lose at least some of the animals. If you choose a frog that will utilize the whole tank, you won't feel like you are "wasting" space by not having multiple species. A relatively large population of Ranitomeya ventrimaculata (or amazonica or whatever the heck they are called now) could work out well. Especially if you choose one of the more colorful morphs (blackwater, iquitos, etc...) you won't miss having more than one species/morph and they will be all over the tank.

-Field Smith
Some frogs...

you can avoid wasting space by getting glass, turning it on end and making an arboreal tank. even though this may seem a waste to you, small frogs will love you.. perhaps put it away for the time being, get a smaller tank 20-30 and just get everything down and ready to deal with thumbnails.

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Leucomelas are a favorite and mine use the whole tank. Mine are very active and bold. I believe I will be able to keep these in a group in to adulthood.

For thumbs my varadero and vanzolini are very active and visible. They seem to be getting along in groups.

One of my favorite looking frogs are the Benedicta but I never see mine.

If I was going with one tank and one frog in a group I would do leucomelas. They are bigger then the thumbs but not big compared to other darts. They will probably be more visible and easier to watch then the thumbs in a tank that size. To watch my thumbs I have to press my face up against the glass. My leucs have no fear and don't scatter like others do.

kinda funny here - OP posted and was active for only one day. Wanted to mix 20 different frogs / species of frogs.

Was destined for ....Fail. I hope it wasn't attempted.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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