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Substrate - ever need changing?

Just curious because I haven't heard anything regarding this. Because these little buggers can live 10-15 years, does the substrate ever need a change out? Thats alot of years of froggie waste and secretions building up in the bottom of the tank.

Hmm - then again... if you have good drainage and occasionally remove excess water from the tank, that might take care of it.

Let me know if I didn't just answer my own question...


for the short term, you've answered your own question...the joy of a viv is that you get the natural cycle of decomposition and renewal. in the longer term, well, building vivs is fun and most people seem to re-do them before the 15 years is up. i saw a post asking about folks' oldest vivs and it seems that 5-7 year old vivs were pretty old. i wonder about some of the bigger (especially european vivs), and would like to know if anyone on this board has older ones(hinting for pics here). and if you haven't seen the site(in english), you should check it out. those dutch folks are is also nice but in dutch.

Hehe - yeah, like remote controls cars when I was just a pup to the aquarium 2 years ago - building them is alot of the fun. I'm so stoked setting up my viv, I'm sure I'll be sad when its done. I need to start and album of the progress since I'm taking so many pics.

Thanks again Mack!

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