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Data Recording via Calendar

This is an old trick I learned many years ago while I was heavily into fishkeeping, but the methods and benefits apply directly to frog keeping. With the end of the year approaching quickly the 2013 calendars will be on sale soon. I record ALL important data onto a calender. Yes a cheap calendar. Some of you may get these calendars at work from people you do business with. It can be a calendar with pictures of frogs, cars, kittens, of even pictures of Phil! :lol: Or no photos at all. It doesn't really matter. As long as each individual date has enough space to write a few important notes. The possibilities for the type of information you can record is limitless. Some good examples of information to record are as follows.
1. Purchase of new frogs
2. Dates of egg clutches laid
3. Dates froglets morph
4. Dates a new viv is set up
5. Dates new isopod or springtail cultures are started (I used those as an example because you should be making new ff cultures weekly anyway)
6. A change in you misting system ie time and duration
7. Actual weather data
8. Date plant cuttings were taken
9. Date you put out new mite paper
10. Dates you installed new light bulbs
11. Supplementation schedule

There are infinite possibilities and all this data is useful and at your fingertips when you need it. IMO it's much easier to read than having such data stored on a computer and no worries about the computer crashing and your data becomes unretrievable. For a change in husbandry such as a change in misting frequency, you'll be able to look back over the course of time and see how a change in misting actually effects breeding behavior. If you do this for a few years straight, you'll be amazed at the patterns you'll be able to put together, you'll be able to see real data right in front of you. This can only help you as a frogger and the hobby as a whole, as we attempt to gain further knowledge into the best methods to keep our frogs.
Thanks for reading. Please post any comments you might have.


I do this exact same thing's just really easy to use a Calendar like a diary. And even though many would not believe this no, my Calendar is not made up of pics of me. 8)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Just trying to make you laugh Phil. I know with no hockey being played you could probably use a good laugh.
Seriously though this method works best for me because it's much easier to see patterns estabished thoughout the weeks and months. I encourage all new frog keepers to start off right by writing down any and all important information on a calendar.


I'm abit of a scatterbrain John as you know,but we do try this exact method. It's a fantastic idea,and a great post to put out there,thanks bro.
I can't add much other than i think it's an incredibly good idea to individually label up all the feeder cultures,especially the springs and woods (iso) which can be long running if things work out.

Thanks for this mate


Ps I'm really not trying to get dragged into the Phil calender :roll: , I'm on best behaviour :lol: But Phil,what a great idea to have a DD Calender slightly tailored to dart guys,I'm sure members would gladly give access to photos of froggy stuff plus size could be tailored so we have room for details,naturally any proceeds going to some deserving dart conservation project or such like. Just a thought buddy,don't ask me about logistics though.

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