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Sick and/or Bullied ?

One of my blue azureus, Betty Croaker; was acting really strange yesterday so I removed her from her tank and put her into quarantine as soon as I realized she didn't move more than an inch in 7 hours which is very uncharacteristic of her. She was leaning towards one side and wasn't moving or eating. I honestly thought I was going to wake up to a dead frog, but she seems to be a little better today and is moving around in her temp housing. She isn't eating yet, but I am starting to think that she is not ill and was maybe bullied by her tank mates. Betty has always been tiny and in the year I have had her she hasn't grown much. Her tank mates which were the same size as her when I bought them are now twice her size. This morning I was working in my home office and noticed that the other two frogs, Harry Hopper and IHOP were getting cozy on top of each other which is another reason why I think it was a case of aggression. She has lived side by side 2 other frogs for the past year and I have no idea what sex they all are. What are your thoughts / suggestions?

Bullied and stressed - sick due to stress, is indeed my first guess as well.

The evidence you have is that the other frogs have grown much larger.

Stress is almost always a SILENT killer - you never see it coming.

Make sure the temp tank has plenty of hides / leaf litter and large amounts of large leafed pothos. Sounds like she needs to hide, regroup and then start eating and getting bold again.

Just like people...sometimes animals just don't get along nicely with each other. Hit or miss.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I should probably make her a new permanent home at this point then since introducing her back to the environment will ultimately lead to her declining health again. She always ate and was with the other frogs, but I guess there was a lot I was not seeing. She went from barely moving at all yesterday to moving around today so I am cautiously optimistic. I added some fruit flies, but I am unsure if she actually ate any.

Indeed. Some hobbyists find that 2.1 ratio works excellently with their tinc groups and some hobbyist's like 1.2 ratios with their pumilio. Both worked for me, but I've heard equal amounts of other people say the opposite.....ya never know.

Pics are always helpful when assisting with these issues. What is the age of all the frogs, or barring that knowledge, what size are they - use a U.S coin as a reference.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I have some newly breeding tincs (cobalts) in a 20 high. Lots of hides, plants and leaf litter. I'm pretty sure i have identified the pair, but the odd man out seems to be going near the coco hut they are finally using. They tried on the leaf litter for 3 clutches but once i got a sterilized jar lid under the hut they went there after 2 weeks. I have a clutch of seven eggs as of 10/20/12. i noticed some strange behavior prior also. The odd man out going to the eggs and 'watering' them himself and these clutches ended up stomped by them all. since they laid in privacy the 'pair' appears to be watching over the hut now, and the odd one gets near the door, but has not gone in, but they do not seem to be as aggressive. If they are young, mine are just about 2 years now maybe you have something like this going on. I'm still learning, so i just thought i would share my new experience over the last 6 weeks or so. Perhaps you can get them back together if the circumstances are right.

Mine have been together all this time and only recently was this an issue when she began laying, so your situation sounds very similar, mine just happened to pass with a few weeks time.

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