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My new Cayo baby

When my husband dragged me from another room and placed me in front of my Cayo Nancy viv, holy cow! I was ecstatic to see an itty bitty baby Cayo. I hope there are more, but this is my first OEF baby. Higher humidity and lots of yummy isos must've had some to do with it - daddy is still calling, and it's late. I just know mama is gonna smack him silly Big Grin

Anyway, I wanted to share, and I'm looking forward to a whole bunch of the lil darlins.

UPDATE: husband just saw baby #2 - yay!!!

Very cool! Congrats - looking forward to more pics of froglets!

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

Hey, me, too - they're quick lil darlings, tho. I'm trying to get my wireless cam setup so that I can watch while I work and maybe get a pix or two.

My first OEF.......I candiggit !!

and thanks!

Congrats!!! Grrrr and I almost drove over to grab that pair from ya! : )

Yeah, doesn't that just suck? Now that they've got the hang of it, I'm thinking that there are some locals who might want the youngsters. They're so purty!

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