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Too much excelsior ?
Just how much excelsior should you put in in your cultures ? have been wanting to ask this for a while. I got a culture that has the stuff to the top. Sorry can't show a pic because don't have a camera.
Packed 'to da gills' is good for shipping cxs as they don't slosh or smush around, but I generally start with a tight golfball size and then tease it and spread it so it's pretty big and gives the flies maximum room to move and land.

I also like to bury / sink some into the media. Somehow this allows for the wicking / non drying out process....somehow.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I shoot for about half way up the cup and keep it loose, like Phil said tease it out

I have issues getting the flies out if packed too tight or too full
i have gotten it packed solid when shipped. sometimes its a slight problem to get some of it out without messing up the medium. i was just curious how much people use per cup. sort of like how much dust do you use to coat the food for the frogs. but then that is another post. i am a coffee filter user myself.

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