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I just picked up 3 dart frogs at BlackJungle's sat sale. We bought 1 G&B auratus, 1 tinc citronell and 1 tink oelemari. These little cuties are fantastic ! Was a bit worried for the G&B at's very shy and I couldn't tell if it was eating or not. Caught it hunting around the moss this morning snapping up FFs. The other two are very active and out and about all day. They're also just a bit bigger than the G& I'm assuming they're older and just more used to the feeding routine.

Here's a pic of the 20long I set up for the Citronella and the Oelemari...I threw this together after I got home with the supplies.....also the last 3 pics are of a 20 tall that will be home to the G&B.....
[Image: th_DCP_6170.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6043.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6036.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6029.jpg]

Some of the frogs...
[Image: th_DCP_6134.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6355.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6193.jpg] [Image: th_DCP_6523.jpg]

I need to put some more plants in the tank along the back and put a background on...but I'm thinking it isn't bad for a quick first timer... :wink:
I didn't want to do anything too involved as far as water so I just siliconed a dish I cut in half to the front of the tank and put gravel in and around it. Next time I'll silicone some of the gravel to the bowl so it doesn't show so citronella seems to love the water as I can find him sitting in it most any time of the day. I have yet to see Oelemari in his side of the dish.

Question...what is a good temp and humidity level to keep the tank at ? And should I be feeding them more than once a day. I still see flies wandering around in there at the end of the I'm guessing they're getting enough to keep them busy throughout the day. I have the auratus in a small 5 gallon setup until he gets bigger.

Any other suggestions or information anyone may have I am all ears !

We (at least I) can't see your pictures! Lets see!

I'm to new to this really offer advice, but I'm guessing 75 degrees F, and 70-80 humdity is good. Someone correct me if I'm way off please!

Thanks for the reply Jay. The humidity in the tanks hovers just into the blue zone...a little over 80...and the temps are usually about 80..but the weather here is supposed to start cooling down. I don't have air conditioning and I'm thinking now was a good time to get these frogs instead of earlier. I'm glad we waited.

Hmm...I don't know why you can't see the pics....I'll have to ask one of the admins about that. They show up fine on my puter. Try looking at my album...I'm wondering if those are showing up.

Check the link on my signature....there are a few pics there of my frogs...and some of my aquariums

I do have AC but the problem I am having is that here there has been so much hunidity that the swamp coolers lose their effect. What I have done is gone to walmart and bought a little 5 dollar fan and set it up to blow across the corner of the tank to keep the temps down. You could try something like that if you are worried about the temps especially for next summer. Your G&B should snap out of his shyness soon though mine are out and moving all day. give him a few days to adjust and keep the humidity up. The more humidity they have the less they hide in the humid spots. At least that is what I have read and it works for mine. Good luck

Well, I did something to fix the pictures so I'm hoping they are showing up now... :wink:

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