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Green and Bronze vs. Highland Bronze ?
I love these auratus and would eventually like a trio. But I'm not sure which type to look for.. I'm seeing photos and videos of both Green and Bronze and Highland Bronze that look very similar. Do both types vary in appearance quite a bit? From what I see, the Highland types tend to have a brighter bronze color (almost more of a silver), and more of it compared to the blue/green markings. And the Green and Bronze types tend to be a bit darker with more blue/green. Is this correct? Also, is one type "bolder" than the other? Forgive me if there are more obvious differences that I seem to be missing. Thanks!!
The highlands colors are more bold. The green and bronze, the bronze is more brownish. You can also consider more site specific, such as the Costa Rican green and black.
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I have kept and bred: Blue and Black auratus, Hawaiian Green and Black, Turquoise and Highland Bronze. ALL were noted to have different 'temperaments' and boldness -shyness. What are shy frogs for some keepers are bold for others. Visibility (Boldness) has a lot to do with hardscaping, planting and vivarium size and construction. Also age of the Frogs and degree of traffic outside (humans) the viv.

As to the lineage and advertised 'morph' and breed history. Like 100% of ANY frog search - take your time, ask a ton of questions in email and what I like - phone calls....ask for pictures of the exact animals and the parents, ect. Not all Highlands/Turquoise/bronzes look the same.

Finally, supplementing / dusting FF with NatuRose (do a search on it here on DD) produces metallic sheen to both the blue and the sliver on these morphs. I am 100% believer in this, as I used it for quite a while.

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Thanks guys. I'm sure some of these frogs are mislabeled at times too.. I know coming from the snake hobby, similar-looking locality animals are often named according to what is most popular or more expensive at the time, or just quickly named based on general appearance rather than the truth behind their origin. Knowing what to look for, who to buy from and what questions to ask is key.

I admit I would like auratus with brighter base colors and less blue/green, but really I'm more concerned about shyness. Bolder frogs would be what I'm after. These auratus are my favorite darts and I would like to actually see them, haha. I will certainly build a viv suitable for them.. heavily planted, lots of hiding areas, "3 wall design" again, etc. They'll be in my basement, which is where we spend most of our time at home (tv, people walking past the tank, etc.) From what I've read, more exposure to these things is better? I've also been told that I should find froglets rather than older or adult frogs, because frogs raised from babies tend to be more comfortable with the surroundings they grow up in. Is this true? I could see how purchasing older frogs who haven't been exposed to much human or other animal (dogs, for example) traffic might not adjust well, if at all.. but I don't really know much about dart frog behavior. My RETFs are fearless.. so I suppose I'm just used to bold frogs.

NutaRose will be on my list of things to get when I finally pick out my frogs.. I will most definitely give it a shot. Smile

Thanks for all the help!!! I want to give these guys the best I can.

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