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frog sitting in water

Hello, I'm a newbie dart frog owner. I have 1 G&B auratus.....1 tinctorius Citronella and 1 tinctorius Oelemari.....all purchased from Black Jungle.

They all seem fine and healthy, though I did have concerns for the G&B..but it turns out he's just a lot more shy than the other two.

I was wondering about the Citronella...who seems to want to sit in the water alot. I have a little dish built into the setup which has gravel and a bit of water in it. I have yet to see oelemari sitting in the water and the auratus is so shy it's hard to get near his tank without spooking him under his I dont know if he spends time in the water or not.

I remember reading in one of the posts about a frog that sat in the water alot before it got sick and so I just wanted to ask about see if that is normal or not.

Thanks very much for your help !

yes this is usually a sign of the frog trying to flush whatever it is making him sick from his system. I have heard of people letting their frogs soak in pedialyte sp? for 15 mins to help them absorb minerals and elctrolytes so they do not die from being leeched of minerals. I would place the frog in question in a tubberware container with a small clean leaf cutting and a moist papertowel as substrate and monitor him carefully. Try the soak see if that helps. And I advise getting a fecal done.


I'll have to run out and get some then.....along with that fecal. I do have some fern stuff that the frogs came in when I bought them. I imagine I could use that instead of the paper towel.

How long should I leave the pedialite in with him ?

Thanks for the info Powers ! :wink:

after each soak anywhere from 5-15 mins remove it and replace with water. Do this everyday or until signs of improvement

Ok, that's good....but so far the only sign that something might be wrong with this little guy is just that he likes to sit in the water more often than the others I have. Otherwise he's active and eating very well and actually looks pretty good....(that's him on my avatar)...So I guess that's a good thing......but what do I look for that will tell me I don't need to put him in the pedialite treatment anymore.

I've got him in one of those "pettote" things with coffee filter over the vent holes to keep the flys in along with some dampened moss. I'll be looking for some feces to bring to the vet for a check and get that done....(and WHY is this window doing funny things every time I hit the apostrophy ??)

Thanks again Powers for the help ! Smile

I would get him a fecal first then if he turns out ok he might just like to sit in the water. LOL. I had a frog that loved the water I had a fecal don he was clean he just liked water. So it might be the same case. I say Just get a fecal and go from there.


Righty-Oh ! Thanks very much for taking the time to help Powers ! Big Grin These frogs are GREAT !

hey no prob, thats what the board is for. Yep can't beat a good dart frog. LOL

Called around at some vets in the area and they all say.."ah..we don't do frogs" There is one vet but he wants me to bring the frog in ..(so he can charge me for a half hour visit) he can look at it... :roll:

Any ideas on how I can get a simple fecal on a little dart frog without the added expense of paying for an office visit on top of it ??

Dr. Frye provides that sevice.

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