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ElDorado x Tablas O. pumilio- breeding possibilities ?
I thought this may lead to some interesting conversation and piss a few people off. By making this post, I am NOT stating that I have ANY intentions on doing this, its merely to invoke thought and discussion.

In theory, the Las Tablas pumilio are a site specific El Dorado. Or so i have been told. So would it be possible to breed an Eldorado from previous import with a Las Tablas from the recent imports, and just call the offspring El Dorado? I know you couldnt call them Tablas, because thats site specific. But El Dorado is not.

Once again, I am not intending on doing this at all. Do not criticize me, only the theory. Thanks.

This should be interesting...
Quick answer....I would only pair / keep breeding groups from similar looking pumilio from the same import batch. Usually there are only 1-2 imports from Panama any given year , so I would still keep those particular animals separate from other years / imports / 'batches'.

FAR from ideal, but it's all we have at the moment. Same with the other Oopghaga - the Sylvaticus from U.E. Keep them phenotypically separate and then further separate by time of import / year.

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Some species are obviously only from certain areas, say bastimentos or escudo. So your saying they can not b mixed either huh?
When lacking a 'bunch' of information, I will always recommend keeping any pumilio separate.

We have no idea as to the locale that all those eldorado's were obtained but there is an obvious pattern difference in some of the imports.

Some hobbyists report that a group of "more or less" solid orange will occasionally throw a spotted or otherwise marked froglet. This happened very infrequently in my "solid" group, but it did happen a couple times.

The speckled eldorado froglets are consistent with the markings - 100% as I can tell.

That said, I kept my two groups separate simply because that is what made more sense to me in terms of what little management we can maintain and offer.

I have seen pics or in person, of many many solid / orange / reticulated-type pattern eldorado and have reports of hobbyists breeding all those together as they look very similar- even in size. NOW the speckled eldorado that you saw at my house and Craig now owns, are a little different IMO. Craig is doing what I did by keeping those separate and making sure they go to owners who do likewise. The pattern on those guys is uncommon

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Due to the bad info being passed out when 'el dorado' first were imported, and the total lack of believable info today, I am quite sure there have already been plenty of different breeding population mixes.
Only one bad thing that happens when you buy from people who insist on creating bullshit names .
How are all those "mainland cristobals" doing...
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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