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outofreach's abused frogs
I keep hearing on one board or another i dont care about my frogs. I came here (and one of my attackers followed me) and was told i would be better off with a pet rock. Pretty much cant open my mouth without getting 8 links, 14 quotes and a few lectures about novel pathogens........

But i decided to show my neglected and abused frogs anyway.

Every tank is heavily seeded with temperate, pink and tropical springtails. I add springs occasionally for feeding, if I see a mold/fungus issue or if it looks like i need a bigger clean up crew. I have 3 master cultures going and keep a few starter cultures just in case.

Every tank is also seeded with dwarf white and striped isopods. I add isopods to tanks as needed for cleanup and occasionally for feeding. I have 2 master cultures and a few starter cultures in case of crash.

For flies I have melos, hydei and Turkish gliders. They get fed whatever is booming the most at the moment.

I also culture bean beetles and flour beetles and feed out when booming.

Everything fed is dusted with calcium plus every feeding. I would probably skip dusting once in awhile but it makes feeding so much easier when dusted so they get dusting every time.

Some are permanent tanks, some grow out and some quarantine. And yes they all have lots of leaf litter, some just doesnt show well in the pictures. Many have larger tanks under construction.

In the tanks. Benedicta, vanzolini, leucs, azureus, yellowbacks, varadero, vittatus. At least 5 of each type with some separated at the moment for different reasons.
not sure what happened, had no intention of posting microscopic pictures
Are you emotionally abusing them?

Your frogs don't want to hear how pretty other peoples frogs are. You can't keep comparing them.
^^^ lol

but seriously, don't worry about the 'newb' DB clique. I think you figured out by now, that this Forum averages out to be more 'advanced' / mature.

Those are nice vivs to be sure ! There is a size issue coming from your end - upload pic size. No worries. Your pics will improve along with everything else in the hobby. It's a fun ride.

Dusting with Calcium is only 1/2 of the equation. What superfine vitamin supplements are you using and how often ?

Quarantine tanks should be 'bare bones' and not at all planted. Maybe you are confusing the term with 'Temporary Tanks' ?

My Q-tine tanks consisted of:

1. Large / deep clear plastic 'KIS" brand tote box
2. Clean, white, no color paper towels - changed often
3. Magnolia leaves
4. Lots of pothos clippings....NO DIRT

that's it.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
make those pics bigger i wanna see!! =D

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