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Stemcellular updated frog room - Pics
I've been converting my tanks over to custom enclosures and slimming down the collection the last six months. Nearly there, have a few more tanks to outfit before setting up the growouts and tad rearing system. So close!

Room view
[Image: 9fa759b846ea18dc8509b03bf2700d91.jpg]

[Image: 7048268f28bfd6f512d4907b36428405.jpg]

[Image: 3415520241668768878304d40963fc4c.jpg]

[Image: 7326afc8995ce2f16e4cfd6e56dbb2b0.jpg]

[Image: 3415520241668768878304d40963fc4c.jpg]

Epip tanks
[Image: 534784d42fd8bd1f68d1f60030fa4cdb.jpg]

Another one, waiting for small bakers rack
[Image: 15912838d7595858a05a7a6c421d00f0.jpg]

Mantella rack
[Image: 2c00fce02c981a1a8b802456d73588c1.jpg]

Lugubris tanks
[Image: 09901db68203ee7d27670a8a8d0d0f04.jpg]

New tanks built out yesterday
[Image: 4669d2eabe7c083ea95a5b9db2d88a17.jpg]

[Image: 2b08d5327a38e85f5fa3ed4e9d59d7a5.jpg]

[Image: e57b24cf43fa4bf7ee2a416e44d877af.jpg]

[Image: 81201219d4da9ac6b66e6ecc0407d170.jpg]

[Image: 71f3df34f31205e6b77e5ac8b74fbaed.jpg]

[Image: 2d13078ae6d8bad868d14aa25a74faf9.jpg]

[Image: 00bac8ab93da37df16e81e42cf867926.jpg]
Wow! Very impressive! Did you select the wall color to act as a background? Looks great - thanks for all the photos!
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Nice Ray ! Love those Protean tank racks. And everything without backgrounds or sides...interesting !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks, Phil.

I once created a background on a tank, once. I don't like them, nor do I find the use of so many artificial materials interesting. Short of a few fake rocks in two-three tanks, and the silicone holding the tanks together, everything I use is organic.

Funny thing to. All those supposedly shy frogs are REALLY damn bold in their new homes despite the absence of a background or coverage on the sides of the tanks. I woke up this AM to find all the femoralis, altamazonica and azuireventris out and about, calling like crazy, etc.

Plus, just looks so much better when plants adhere right to the glass and create a natural background. Smile

(Paint was original, but works nicely, eh?)
Looks great, I keep my epips in vert tanks too. They use the higher calling spots and have been laying clutches in a brom at the top of the viv.
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