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Hello from S.W. Wisconsin
hey all, new here from La Crosse, WI. I have been keeping reef tanks, and leopard gecko tanks for years now, and now I'd like to set up a Dendro Vivarium in my office at work.

Would like to DIY the Vivaria, and go from there....Hope to chat with you all here on the forums.

Welcome Dan!

Like yourself, many of us are ex-reefers, some still do both. To help you get off to a good start here are some quick tips. Meet local froggers if possible. Take your time reading the various threads, even pick up a good book or two. I would decide on a species first, then build a viv around that particular frog. Avoid adding a water feature to your first build. Start practicing cultivation of Fruit Fly cultures as quick as you can. Don't be shy about asking ques and please share any photos of your frog projects ... oh and many of us still enjoy pics of Reef tanks : )

Scott - North Dallas
Thanks Scott. I guess I'm not certain which frogs I'd like to start with. I've done alot of research and feel I could probably start with a bit more advanced species, as I am use to keeping exotic things not only living, but thriving. I have some very temperamental reef fish!!

Anyway, I do know I DON'T want a water feature either. Just more of a headache. Have yet to decide if I want a "misting" type of setup, or a fogger type of setup. I know there are plus and minuses to both.

Do you know where I can see any step by step DIY types of setups? I have alot of extra acrylic laying around, and could make my own terrarium easily I think.

Anyway, hope to talk more soon
Hey Dan.

Yea water features " can " be a pain but not always . You just need to get the feel for them without a pump or filter. Not recommended though for new viv builders. Im up in the st Paul mn area. About 2.5 hours away if you make it up here your more then welcome to stop by and check things out and talk frogs.

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