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AAE Sunday Dec 16th Wheaton IL
Our next show is Sunday Dec 16th. $5 to get in 2015 Manchester rd Wheaton IL.. ATM and Food on site.. Santa will be there for the kids from 10 - 12.. at noon we will have the BEARS game on tv on the stage.. Get your X mass shopping done with us... It will be 3 weeks till the next show so stock up on all your needs....
you should start to advertise more than just 2-3 days in advance of your shows (lately)....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I try to put it out there about 4 days befor a show.. Had some thing going on this week did not get to it till late... Sorry
You can skip a dusting, and just give them ffs. It is GOOD if your microfauna is that thick! How often are you giving ffs? If they are growing and reproducing that well, you must be doing something right!
P. Terribilis orange, R. Imitator Cainarachi Valley, D. Leucomelas, D. Auratus, D. Azureus, P. vittatus, D. cobalts, D.Oyapok, Bombina Orientalis
albertstien3329 Wrote:This is, in a way directed to Rich or Phil, but anyone's input is welcome.

My cobalt's are getting so big and breeding so much I have stepped up the amount of food I put in, have 3 of them, they keep the micro-fauna in check to point I don't see any of it, unless I start flipping leaves over. I am concerned about how fast they eat though, and do not want to dust a second feeding so I don't overload them with supplement. Thanks in advance.


Just tack your questions on to an existing thread in the feeder subforum....there are 5-6 really good threads on dusting and supplementation.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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