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Uh-oh, newb problem... emergency food source????

I've got two cultures started with a substrate my buddy has had luck with, but I've got at least a week and a half before those start producing.

The funking culture I bought from the local pet place seems to have stopped producing, or I over feed from it (wanted my new guys to have lots of food to learn to hunt down,) and now its not putting out flys for my little guys. I'm going to place an order from Ed'sFlyMeat or some place, and I can call on my buddy for a few snacks for my guys (there is no way my little guys are going to starve!) But I'm curious: is there anything we can feed our frogs (d. auratus) that isn't living? It appears they will take nothing but living, moving, hunt-able insects.

In hind sight, it seems like starting a fruit-fly production should be *first* on the list of any wanna-be PDFer!

...and just `cause I'm proud of the picture.... here's my little guys....

... seems like this is kind of a duh, every newb should at least know this kind of question! Wink

Darn - I was really hoping there was some secret flavor of pudding they liked, or maybe would go for a vodka martini from time to time.

Anyone have a strong opinion on one internet seller of FF's over another?

Or, I know my local store sells crickets, but I'm guessing a week and a half old froglet might need real small crickets...

You may want get a culture of springtails as backup too. they dont always produce as fast as FFs but they are steady and easy to keep around. you can supplement even larger Frogs' diets with em too. I know your little guys would love em. I know it's hindsight, but they'd be worth their weight in gold right about now, huh? :wink:
Asfar as online FF vendors. I've used Ed's and also (ithink that's it I forget) Both are great. The folks from Ed's are active in the boards and dart community and seem like cool people.
Good luck bro.

fishinmagician Wrote:You may want get a culture of springtails ...I know it's hindsight, but they'd be worth their weight in gold right about now, huh?

Yup! Luckily I have a local rep/herp/fish shop that has had a good flow of FF's. Plus my cultures have started taking off, so I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track - (insert emoticon for wiping sweat from brow)

My buddy who I got the tad's from is also thinking about starting a springtail culture because he feels guilty about not giving a varied diet. I should do the same, just to be safe.

Just to repeat to newbs - START culturing flies or some kind of food source FIRST! It's not the most exciting part of the hobby, but it'll save you from some stress. (And actually it is kind of exciting seeing your cultures take off.)

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