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Tell me what I can do with this...
Tell me what I can do with this...
by rockytop47 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:10 pm

I haven't even gotten into this hobby...yet. I have a 65 gallon tall, drilled, with an overflow box/20 gallon sump/refugium/return. This is currently a saltwater setup but I've wanted dart frogs for years. I have 165 watt led lights, (10,000 k whites, 20,000 k blue and when they are both running together, the Kelvin is 14,000.) Also have 3, 1 watt moonlights to stimulate night feeding in nocturnal fish/inverts. I have an Eheim 1400 gph pump for a water feature if it is needed OR recommended. I also have a 4 stage rodi/distilled water system that would be converted into a misting system along with mechanical light timers for EVERYTHING. I have put well over 3000 dollars into this setup and its a healthy tank, I just want to do a vivarium. I put well over 6 months of research into the setup and housing and husbandry of the animals I have now and I would give the same considerations to the dart frogs as well. I have NEVER cared about the "cost" of an animal, only for its well being. having said all this, what could I DO with a setup like this? Thanks in advance.
It seems like 80% of us Dart Froggers were reefers too, so you are in a 'natural progression' of sorts.

You can use your tank - overflow and all.

Your lighting may be too bright and too hot for Dart Frogs. Temps over 80F can prove deadly. 'Room temps' are best. Hot lights and high wattage lights are usually overkill and too bright and too hot for our hobby purposes. Most frogs do better with 'medium' lighting, if that makes sense.

RO water is good to have, and works well in an automatic misting system.

Have fun reading up on stuff here and don't hesitate to ask questions.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thank you very much for the reply. I was hoping the lights weren't going to be an issue, but I do want a more subdued look instead of 20,0000 kelvin lighting my whole living room. I have decided to go with Auratas and I'll document the conversion from salt to frog on here. I'm looking forward to all the comments and advice I can get...

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