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LIGHTS: What Kelvin (color temp) are you using?
I have been playing around with different lighting and was wondering what Kelvin (color temp) people are using.

So far my favorite has been 10,000k. It is a slightly bluer light that is normally used in reef tanks but it makes the greens in my tank glow. And since it simulates a filtered light, my guess lower/medium light plants enjoy it like they would under a canopy of trees.

I have also been using 'daylight' CFLs on my exo terra tanks, which I think are 6500k or 6700k.

On my aquariums I use 10,000K for the color enhancements and 5000k for the plant growth.

I have also used 5500k in the past and got really nice growth, but the lights looked too yellow to me.
Ive used a combo of 8K and 10k and also 10k and 12k supe white on my HOT5's. Now im mostly LEDs from Todd so its his color temp of 6,900K
I use a 50/50 mix of cool white (10000K) and neutral white (6000K-ish), or a mix of 1/3 each cool white, neutral white, and warm white (3700K) leds on mine. I like the 10000K in the mix, but I like the additional warmth of the others as well (and I'm sure the plants do too).
As natural as possible, about 6400-6700K.
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I use mostly 6500K with the exception of any UV lights.

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