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Help me KILL it...
This is Aegagropila linnaei, AKA Cladophora.

[Image: 542536_277410415691639_1461048635_n.jpg]

Underwater it is an awesome, green ball of goodness. It can also grow on wood.

So I though, 'Hey, lets try this stuff emmersed in my vivarium!'


This is emmersed Clado:

[Image: 752F2.jpg]
[Image: MQwlu.jpg]
[Image: i5WGZ.jpg]

Brownish, Greenish, Grey puke. ITs ugly. Its spreading fast. And I cannot kill it.

Normally I would use glutaraldehyde to kill it in an aquarium. With sensitive frogs in the tank, I don't dare use a harsh chemical!

Help would be appreciated before my tank turns to fuzzy puke!!!
The ooze !.....THE OOZE !!!....Something is IN THE MIST and it took Tom Bradey....

Sorry, got carried away there.'re just gonna hafta uproot and do some large wholesale substrate removal.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well I have been reading that larger doses of cleated copper can kill it. Frogs aren't sensitive to copper are they?

I have been spraying it with H202 also which helps but its a SLOW process. I'm also wondering if a vampire crab would eat it???
Would covering it with a thick layer of leaves work by smothering it from getting any light?
That was suggested to me a few times, but i did not try it. I removed the frogs and killed it with glutaraldehyde. I do not think I would recommend this to someone unfamiliar with the chemical though.

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