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Holographic Faerie flys through cave in viv: Proof of concep
So after a long break I'm back on DB, and it looks like dartfrogz is dead so I thought I'd post this here too...

Here is my newest viv project....some of you may have seen me mention it in recent threads on DB. I did a ghetto mock up to get an idea how how to set it up and how it would look. Here is a short video...

This is part of a viv that will incorporate many of my FX ideas, like led mood/underwater lighting, fiber optic star scape, uv/glow/blacklight FX, storm/lighting/fog Fx, etc..etc....

I'm using my old galaxy s, which will be sealed as best I can against moisture and be permanently plugged in probably. will be a rock floor, and that with the screen should mostly seal up the cave, and with the cave itself the phone won't get wet while misting.

It should also be possible to suspend the phone from the lid, with the thin clear nearly invisible screen hanging down, and project things that look like they are hovering in the air. It is also possible to build an entire viv set up to reflect the image over the land scape...such as a storm cloud shooting

Multiple screens, 3-4 way split videos can allow you to layer the images for a greater 3d effect such as the id3g uses. In the pyramid or partial pyramid type setups video shot from different angles and arranged in a 4 way + configuration allows you to walk 360 around the object like in the cheoptics video.

For one directional viewing though you just need 1 display above or below with a reflecting clear sheet at a 45 degree angle towards or away from you depending if you have the projecting display above or below the angled reflecting screen.

In the id3g example, you could use 3 phones and 3 different videos all lined up to achieve the same effect only larger since it is 3 whole screens instead of 1 split into 3 parts....need a deep cave though (2 is probably good enough and more doable in most vivs) Wink

I'm using the principles in these videos...

I3dg (don't know why they don't flip this over like I did in my version, and have the phone on top...makes it harder to see the screen so you get a better overall effect)

Cheopics pyramid 360..

This could be a viv! if you lit it from the sides or something....I'm convinced there is a way to light one of these adequately enough for plants and at least get the 3d effect from 2 sides.

This video shows you how to make a simple pyramid system with your phone, and demonstrates how they split the video to get the 360 degree view...

So don't throw away you're old phones people... with a few of the right apps (video looper) and an appropriate video loop (usually something on a black background) you can add some motion to your vivariums. Plus old smart phones still work on wi-fi and stuff with no calling can even setup voip and make calls on them for free....they are basically a mini pc/media player even without a contract.

Or it can be as simple as leaving a clear part on the back glass in your background and a mount to slide a phone or other display device into place to project a partial or full video background/sky or introduce some moving elements into the scene.

The next step when I have the cash, is to use some of the small parrallax glasses free 3d media players, or used 3d smart phones, and plaster that against the back glass, with a little cave entrance area built into the background and/or platform that acts like a stage for the displayed character to act on.

Anyways this is just a rough mock up, with visible take and wires because the usb socket is broke on that phone. I had to wire the charger directly to the battery contacts lol... I'll clean it up, use a better less scuffed up piece of lexan for the reflecting screen and build a detachable (velcro probably) mount inside the cave so I can remove/replace the phone. Plus the cave will set on a platform so I can just take the whole thing out to work on it easily, or reset the sequence after power failure/use the phone for something else. The lighter floor and darker back of cave adds to the 3d effect.

If anyone is a capable video editor, I'd like to try the 3 way split video with 3 screens to increase the 3d effect. Perhaps I could send you some clips to edit together for that or even single screen displays because I'm totally new to video editing... (My version does look a bit more 3d then the video shows, but the 3 screen i3dg device has better depth, but the image is smaller).

I have to redo the tinkerbell clip, make it longer and maybe add some stuff to it...maybe clips of other things and set up fades between each loop. Cyberlink puts a watermark on the first few seconds and windows movie maker got rid of it but then introduced some artifacts in the video at the splice points so I'll probably just re edit it all in cyberlink, process, and export to movie maker to cut the first part off with the watermark.

I also found a cool lightning clip, lighting up clouds, but then screen is all black so with a clear screen suspended from top of viv it would look like a storm hovering over the landscape. Theoretically you could even use this method underwater which would probably cause a clear lexan screen to vanish... 3d video fish in the viv...or a mermaid? Rolleyes
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue
oh I've also seen how to make a fog screen to project video on, and I think with a smaller version and a pico projector this could work in a viv too.
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue

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