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18" lighting help

I just bought the 18"x18"18" exo-terra terrarium since I work at petsmart and I get dibs on returned items that we can't put back out on the shelf for whatever the I got it really cheap. My problem is 18" is an odd size for lighting. The next size up is 24" for aquarium lighting...what can I do. Would the best option be to go to homedepot look there or if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic.

Does over hang affect growth? I know in aquariums overhang is a no no, but wondering if it is the same with viv plants?

Home Depot has under cabinet lighting fixtures at 9", 13", 18", I think 23", and maybe even bigger. You can switch out the soft white flourescent bulb with a brighter one since they also have a variety of replacement bulbs. Hope this helps.

JBJ lighting make a nice 17" power compact strip light. Very good construction on the unit. Mine cost about $40. It is called an ecolight.

Thank you so much for the replies! I'll take a look at homedepot and also look up the JBJ lighting. I love JBJ and have one of their 48" units over one of my tanks now. I'll compare prices and see which would work better. Thanks again Smile

I have the same tank and found a 16" duel power compact retrofit on ebay for $70.00. I built a hood to house them in and included a computer fan on a turn knob to regulate heat. I got 2 6500k bulbs and they work great.

I was in the same lighting situation on my Exo- 18" cube. I used a 27watt compact fluoresent flood light from home depot $35. Props to bobzarry on another board. Here check this out.
I went with the 27watt cuz I keep the tank in my room and the 65watt was to brite for me.
The compact fluoresent are 6500k spectrum and fit perfectly on top the exo terra's! You will need to get a cheapy extension cord at Home depot which the sell already spliced open to wire it. Here's a link to know what to look for at HD

For my 18/18/24, I use a 2x36w pc from AH perfect!

Brian T. Sexton

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