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WANTED! High End Breeding Pair Of Darts
Hey everyone looking to purchase a very high end pair of dart frogs, proven pair hard to get darts, pease contact me thanks.
Have a pair of lehmanni for you. $5000
Hard to get and hard to get! : )
sidney ferrell Wrote:Have a pair of lehmanni for you. $5000
Hard to get and hard to get! : )

Where are the pics?
Hey man...just trying to prove a point! Haha! im not selling a lehmmani pair... : )

They are hard to find and at $5000 theyre hard to get no?
No, not really. I know a frogger who in the past 2 years got a three for less than 2,500. There are to faces to this hobby, it's all who you know really to be honest. Now before everyone starts texting/ pming me I don't know who to contact when looking for rare frogs nor am I going to say who had the trio.
What's wrong with the frogs available now though? My favorite frogs besides my standard lamasi are bicolors. Why not find a species you really love and not just cause they are rare? Become really good at breeding a species and then branch off to another species. If you have success breeding your frogs advance to a harder to keep species.

I'm not saying you have no experience but its been my experience the people who post looking for rare frogs are new/ longevity in the hobby is very short. People grow there collections really large, very quickly and then disappear and have to sell it. How many people who are active on the forums are 5+ years or better yet 10+ years? Just food for thought
Sorry guys didn't mean rare like that, just looking for some nice blue jeans or Benedicta proven pairs I should of been a little more spcific

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