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Mantella is missing!

Hi ,I am very new to this frog thing and I know a mantella is not a poison dart frog but I need help and this site seemed promising. I had a single mantellas in a 2 gallon tank with, moist substrate, a piece of driftwood and a potted plant and I have not seen him in 2 days. I was planning on putting him in a paludarium type of enclosure that I am making but I had him in this tank for now. I took the wood out and the plant and he is not there at all. There is no way he could have gotten out because I covered up the two holes in the back of the tank with tape and I always have the lid on tight. Can anyone give me some help please ?

I think he might be in my room somewhere because my mom thinks she saw him. Do you guys have any ideas on how to catch him ?

VERY unlikely that if your frog escaped and you live in Los Angeles that it is still alive. It probably perished within 24 hours of leaving your tank, certainly within 48. Sorry but good luck.

I think that is most likely the horrible truth. Well, I think I am going to wait on getting another frog until the main enclosure is set up.

I guess the only thing that I would recommend is tearing off all the earth from the plants you had in there. I have seen mantellas burrow down in and hide..............sorry just thought of it.

Hey man, yeah you will prob find him dried up in a corner one day down the line. Sorry for your loss. If you need any pointers on your set up I am in Los Angeles also so hit me up with any questions you may have.


thanx hkspowers i will hopefully get started with the land part of the enclosure this week. i say enclosure because it is my own creation with a 20 gallon tank when i learn how to upload pics then i will show you what i mean.

Today I finally found the frog that was half dead and looked like it was squished. Oh well I guess I did learn, in the future, to make sure that there is no way for a frog to get out of the tank.

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