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A new LED light system is....
[Image: FINALCOMINGSOONAD2-12-13SMALL_zpsf6374205.jpg]

Hello, Fellow dart frog enthusiast! For those of you that don't know me, I've been working on developing, for over a year, a complete "plug and play" LED light system for this hobby. Now that I've come up with a system that I like and feel the hobby will like, I am going to start full production coming this spring!

The LED light system is a complete "plug and play" system. 1,2,3, or a total of 4 units can run off of one power supply! Made with high quality Epistar diodes, there will be two models (units) available a mix 2/3-6500k 1/3-3500k model and a daylight 6500k model. Each unit comes with a total of 72 diodes and runs off of 13.5watts of power. People with space constraints are taken in consideration, these units are made to sit on top of the glass, an aluminum heat sink is used to help quickly dissipate any heat to ensure minimum heat transfer in the tank. Units measure (approximately) 4.25"-long by 2.75"-wide and .75"-tall.

To help show the true color and brightness of these lights, they will be demonstrated at
Microcosm on the JungleBox (Dane's) table. So please stop by, say hello and check them out!

If you have any questions/comments feel free to to leave them here or PM me. Thanks again,

Hi Mike
Welcome to Dart Den. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Please consider becoming a sponsor of this site. Investing in the Dart Frog community is essential to the growth of your patron base and shows a sincere commitment to the longevity of our hobby.

Scott - North Dallas
that sound a good idea any website or you tube video how the lights look like or we can yet it?

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