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chameleons - who keeps em ?
Anyone keep them? Or kept them in the past?
I kept them for 4 years untill last summer. Panthers, and kinyongia multi. Cool animals! But got tired of dealing with crickets in the thousands...
I Kept and bred Chameleons for about 10 years
I've bred pygmy,flap necks,and a couple of others a while back.
I have a 36x18x18 exo, I was thinking when i get the room that i might try to get some pygmies. Just tossing the idea around, but i have also thought about keeping a venomous snake(copper head).....very pretty and extremely easy to get round here in east tx.
Haha, talk about from one extreme to another.Pygmies are cool,but tiny.They would probably get lost in that tank.You'll have to keep it well stocked with food so they can find it.

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