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Too many tanks?
I feel like i am stockpiling this normal? list is couple 18x24 exos, 36x18x18 exo and couple of 12x18 exos. All are empty.
Hoarding....quite common. TV show about it....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:Hoarding....quite common. TV show about it....

I guess it all starts with a plan and gets out of hand. Figure bennies in at least one of the 18x24's, imis in the 12x18's and then fine spot leucs ing the 36x18x18. Just need the room......
HA - its only started. btw, take your time and seal those vivs!!!!! escapee FF = spider food. You cant stop them all from getting out, but every bit helps. Should have had you come over last month when I tipped my couch for "cleaning". That day over 100 spiders were eliminated via braunty.
Scott - North Dallas

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