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HALF OFF Bean Beetle Cultures (Voucher Code Inside)
[Image: specializebanner.jpg]

[Image: bean-beetles-culture-16oz.jpg]

Bean Beetle Cultures

HALF OFF (normal price of $7.99/culture)
(Voucher Code must be entered at Checkout)

With the Purchase of either:

[Image: mixed-springtails-culture-8-oz.jpg][Image: small-phoenix-worms-150ct-cup.jpg][Image: medium-phoenix-worms-100ct-cup.jpg][Image: house-flies.jpg]
6 oz Mixed Species Springtails Culture
150 Small Phoenix Worms
100 Medium Phoenix Worms
Any Amount of House Fly Pupae

All of these and more are shipped from our main office in Marietta, GA

Our company mission is to expand the selection of High Quality Feeder Insects, Worms, and other Organisms in the Exotic Pet hobby in the United States. We are a company made "By Hobbyists, For Hobbyists", and this means that Dave specifically screens all the items in a shipment before they are shipped out for any imperfections, unseen issues by our Pick-n-Pack crew, and makes certain that the package we are sending out to you is a package we would want to receive for our own pets.

Due to the sheer amount of feeders and other livestock we carry, we can't currently claim to be the fastest service, as we want to be very sure that you are beyond happy with your order, and prefer to hold off shipping your order with older stock, while ordering fresh new stock from our suppliers, and then sending you the fresh new product. Our goal is to make sure your order ispacked neatly with quality products; we really want to make you exceptionally happy with your order. We just finished our first year of service back in November, and are striving to improve our restocking schedules and streamlining methods to avoid these issues. If at any time you are concerned or curious on the status of your order, we offer multiple methods to get in touch with our Shipping and Technical Departments, including E-mail, Skype, and Phone. Stay tuned for all of this information towards the end of this post.

We send these Bean Beetle cultures safely secured and sealed with packing tape, preventing any kind of escape inside the box. We pack our packages with professionalism and intent, and it is our duty to ensure that your package is put together in a way that will prevent major damage from rough handling by the shipping company.

Bean Beetle Cultures are a member of our Prolific Feeder group at Small Pet Feeders, as they are great for those looking to save some money on bugs that produce themselves, or you're just looking to stretch the amount of time between feeder orders a bit more than usual.
[Image: bean-beetles-culture-16oz.jpg]

Bean Beetles are fantastic feeders for:

Dart Frogs

Tree Frogs

Aquatic Clawed Frogs

Firebelly Toads

Baby Large Frog Species

Small Amphibians (Newts, Salamanders, ect)

Semi-Aggressive Tropical Freshwater Fish

Small African Cichlids


Baby and Small Anoles

Carnivorous Plants[/size]

Baby Reptiles

Small Insect-eating Birds

Bean Beetles, also known as Bean Weavils or their scientific name Acanthoscelides obtectus, are sold in cultures constructed here at Small Pet Feeders. The cultures will produce hundreds of adult bean beetles (~300 beetles per culture) before finally exhausting after the larvae completely hollow out the beans until they easily crush into dust between your fingers.

Bean Beetle Cultures do not need to be fed or hydrated. Open the culture only when you're feeding your amphibians with the culture's contents.

Small Pet Feeders' 16 oz Bean Beetle Cultures will last for between 1 or 3 months, depending on the temperature they are kept at.

If you wish to breed your cultures more rapidly to produce more adult beetles in a shorter amount of time, place your culture on a heat pad or warm heat source (desktop CPU, TV, PS3, Stereo, ect). Please note that to speed up this process, you will be shortening the life of your culture to about a month or two.

[url=""]Bean Beetles Culture[/url]

As always and with any and every pet, we recommend a diet with a variety that is comparable to that which the animal may eat in nature. We assure you, that no matter what animal you call your pet, its diet consists of far more (and may not even include naturally) than crickets, mealworms, fruit flies, and waxworms. And Small Pet Feeders is here to make sure you have plenty of different insects and worms that are safe for your pet to eat to choose from. Please take a moment to browse our complete selection on

And when you finish, create an account on the site before adding the items to your cart and going to checkout, and if you wish to take advantage of this offer, enter the following Voucher Code in the provided box at Checkout and remember to check back often as we're always offering new Voucher Code Specials! And the Bean Beetle Special Voucher Code is...


If you would like to see an insect that you've seen before, but don't see it in our store, please let us know!
A few feeders we carry that you may be interested in, due to their similar size, include:
Lesser Waxworm Cultures (Small Pink Waxworms)
House Fly Pupae
Small European Nightcrawlers
Large European Nightcrawlers
Silkworm Pod
Small Hornworm Pod
Mini, Small, Medium, and Giant Mealworms
Dermestid Worms and Beetles (Excellent cleaners and feeders)
Dubia Nymphs (Small 1/2" or smaller)
Discoid Nymphs (1/2"-1"+)
White Dwarf and Purple Isopods

Some supplies we carry that you would be interested in:
Catappa Leaves
Live Moss (Sheet, Mood, and Green Tree Shag)
Leaf Litter (Sea Grape and Magnolia)
Sweetie Fly Fruit Fly Media with Real Fruit and Superfoods
Full Line of Repashy Superfoods
Plastic Cups and Lids
Tree Fern Fiber
Egg Flats (Crates)
Superworm Bran (Mix of several grains instead of just Wheat Bran as most companies)

We have some new Isopod and Beetle species coming soon to the store. Also be sure to check out our new Blog for Introductions to new Exotic Pet species in America, useful Do It Yourself Projects, Caresheets for your Insects and Pets, and much much more! It's going to get really neat on soon, with new tools, blogs, products, and more. And we're continuing to stabilize the website and iron out the few errors we've encountered while upgrading. Stay tuned to the Online Insect Marketplace at...

[url=""]High-Quality Live Feeder Insects - Small Pet Feeders[/url]
[url=""][Image: animated468x60.gif][/url]

Remember that the best way to get up-to-date information and special offers is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Contact Information
Website: [url=""][/url]
Blog: [url=""][/url]
Manager Email: [email=""][/email]
Technical Support Email: [email=""][/email]
Phone: 678-331-842 zero
Skype: SmallPetFeeders
Small Pet Feeders - Your Family's Feeder Marketplace
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