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Hybrids - Why the hatred ?

Why does everyone hate hybrids so much ? I want good solid reasons.

This has been discussed to death, so since few are likely to answer you at least nicely i'll give it a shot..... Reasons why hybrids are frowned upon....

1. There is already enough confusion surrounding different morphs and species, adding intentional or even known accidental hybrids into the mix just confuses things more.

2. On the off chance that any captive bred species will sometime in the future be reintroduced, it would be of benefit to maintain the integrity of the bloodlines/species.

3. Possible increased chance that a froglet will not be viable...meaning malformed or something...causing it to suffer and/or die.

4. Nothing in life is certain...except uncertainty...So while i personally think there is little unethical about hybrids themselves (except with a possible increase in non viable froglets) That's only if they are not allowed to breed, or at least never introduced into the mainstream hobby...the problem is people are weak, greedy, circumstances change, they cant take care of their frogs, they have to give them away...need the money...or heck they die and someone who doesn't know better gets the frogs and releases them into the hobby.

5. We pay good money to get what we want. I don't wanna pay 100 dollars for a frog that is supposed to be one morph or species but is actually a mutt, and may or may not breed true...and who's offspring may or may not look anything like the parents...and then say i breed that frog not knowing its a mutt...and the offspring are sold, and variations start popping up, and spread throughout that morph and/or species...well then I've screwed a lot of other people out of getting what they want. Some people might be thrilled when their frog hatches out freaky little babies, but some wont and most froggers will get pissed if they species/morphs are being ruined just because someone was greedy or selfish or ignorant and didn't know the end basically it all boils down to there is no reason for hybrids other then selfish reason that put your desires over that of not just one person but many, many, many people.

6. The only thing good that can come from a a cool looking frog. But is that worth the risk/cost of the other 5 items above this?

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