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Cork Bark Mosaic
I like the idea of doing this instead of a bunch of GS, I picked up some kick ass cork bark from cindy at narbc and am just not quite sure how to begin.......i have a pic in my head but not the technique. basically im asking if anyone has any step by step photos or anything like that.
I don't have any step by step photos, but if you'd like to wander up to Plano some time, I'd be happy to show you mine and answer any questions. I've got nine of them done that way, in various stages of grow-in.
did this work?
Looks good!
I'm really liking the cork bark look
Nice work! I like the look of cork bark as well. You have done a nice job creating depth in the viv with your bark placement.
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Definitely a relief, basically just get glass cut and pookie it down.....then add the happy couple.

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