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Please critique my BlueJeans viv
This viv is a 37g tall aquarium. No background except for black poster paper on the outside. Corkbark flats have holes drilled to anchor the brom's. I feel like I have a pretty good amount of leaf litter. The substrate was heavily seeded with both pink and temperate springtails, and dwarf white iso's. The springtails are flourishing. They are everywhere and up higher on a couple decomposing brom leaves.

I have 1.2 Blue Jeans hiding in there. I routinely see the male after misting but the females are keeping a very low profile. The trio of pumilio were bought as proven. They have been in my care for about four weeks now. Trying to give them privacy, but it's hard not to look to make sure everybody is looking well fed, which they do.

I would appreciate any comments or tips that would help me improve their enclosure.

Thank you.

I had posted this on DB, but I do know there are members here that would be able to offer great insight as well.

[Image: photo-12_zps034bf730.jpg]
Looks good ! One thing I would recommend is more plantings - leafy plants, vine-ing plants. Brom selection and placement looks good.

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Jason, I'd echo the need for more rooting plants . Looks good other-wise.
As I know you have only been in the hobby a short period of time , did the trio go through a full quarantine ? I know you mentioned getting a scope recently.

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Me too, the less wide open space the better and leafy plants are multi-purpose

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